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Submitted on
April 20, 2012
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(will here is a new one i hope you joy)

"sonic hurry up!"

"y-yes shadow"hello i'm sonic the hedgehog,most of you know me as my game's and stuff.year after i leaved sage i moved in with shadow,we soon dated and everything was fine till some things started to happen....bad thing's

"if you don't come out i'll cut the door down!!!"

"ok ok..."sonic got up and went to his dresser,he started to wear clothes since his body was cover in cut's and mark's.he got dress and came out"ok i'm ready"

"about time!"they leaved the house and went to rouge's house

"hey shadow sonic"



"well come on in!"they walk inside and saw everyone,sonic sat down close to the door and shadow was talking to rouge about the G.U.N and old time's.then sonic felted a hand on his shoulder

"hey sonic"

sonic look and saw scourge,scourge was different from last time.his cut was gone and his blue eyes were not was like ice but like a sea"s-scourge?"

"sonic how you been!?"he grad sonic's hand and pull him in a hug,sonic was shocked but he also like it"will better go see ya"he walked to the group,sonic was still standing there nothing out of his mouth

"i see you meted the  new scourge"

"r-rouge w-what happen?"

"will you see after he went back to zone jail he change and went to work at my bar"

"really?scourge the hedgehog change?yeah right"

"'ll see~"

but he did see,scourge played with the kids and help make the dinner and even sing with vector.after the party sonic and scourge walked down the woods

"this is so nice~"


"may i ask you something?"


"why do you wear clothes?you never wear them before and why are you so sad and why do you sit close to the door?"

sonic look down and fall on his knees,scourge hold sonic and look in his eyes.there was tears and sadness


sonic shook a little and scourge look at shadow,he saw the same anger at he use to have

"come here!"

sonic nodded and slowly walk to him,scourge hold sonic and push him to a tree and punch shadow,shadow fall.he kicked scourge and pin him down

"do you think at he'll listen to you!his mine!"

sonic got up and ran and hit shadow in the back,shadow hit the tree and past out"i'm not YOURS!!!"he look at scourge and help him up"why did you do at?"

" were the one at made me me"

"w-what do you mean?"

"you see...i change when i remember what you take one good day to be like me..and after fiona leaved me...i turn good..and all i could think about was you...i love you"

sonic could not believe his ears,scourge said i love you to him!sonic walk to scourge and kiss him,scourge held him tight and kiss back.some tears went down sonic's face,scourge wipe the tears and kiss sonic on the head

"i-i love you to scourge"

the end~
ok this is a RQ for a friend :iconzonicthehegehog20: hope you like please :iconreadplz: and :iconcommentplz: thanks for reading
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Very nice story
mephonic1 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2014  Student Writer
No problem☺️
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Akiko Himenokouji (Onii chan to hitotsu ni naru) Brook spin OMG TK (High Tension Dance) [V1] Keizou Kirishima (Sparkle Eyes) [V1]  i luv it

can you tell? XD

mephonic1 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2014  Student Writer
lol :)
pikachugirl2011 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2014
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Go scourge
nice :)
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